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Welcome Home! Swan Brook proudly offers an alternative living community for senior adults who want both companionship and security. This unique community is unlike most Adult Assisted Living Facilities because it is a small, home-like setting.

Along with health concern, seniors often find themselves trying to balance independence with a need for personal care assistance. Swan Brook is dedicated to providing an intimate and caring environment where those needs can be met.
At Swan Brook, our priority is keeping our seniors independent for as long as possible. Our professional staff assists them to maintain the highest quality of life, so that residents and their families are able to achieve the peace of mind they desire and the security they need.

Unlike larger, more impersonal Assisted Living Facilities, Swan Brook is quaint and family-oriented. Swan Brook’s residents enjoy keeping in touch with old friends and making new acquaintances.

Families are always welcome at Swan Brook. They can visit with their loved ones in either the privacy of their own apartment or in common community areas.
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